Our mission

We are dedicated to provide the best home care available.

Special Care

Care for Alzheimers, Parkingsons, Stroke, Dimensia, Multiple Sclirosis.

What we do.

Meal Preparation, House Keeping, Exercise, Companionship


Who We Are

CasaComfort Home Care Ltd. has been registered since 1996.


The Company is owned and operated by Ms. Maria Odete Nunes, who has extensive experience in health care. She has over 30 years of personal hands on experience in both institutional and home environments. She is specialized in the care of needful clients who would not easily adapt to or fit in to an institutional environment. CasaComfort have many qualified health care aids in our roster of employees. These employees are carefully selected to ensure that they respect and promote the healthy, professional and hard-working ethic of CasaComfort. CasaComfort strive to provide nothing but the best service and care to each and every client.

What We Do

We match our caregiver(s) to the personality and requirements of the client.

  • Meal Preparation - following Health Canada's food guide for a balanced nutritious diet with special attention to to prescibed diet, traditional or religious preferences.

  • House Keeping - We will maintain a safe and secure environment for our clients. We will clear the steps of snow, ensure that there are safe and clear paths of travel to minimize the risk of falls or injury., watch for and report changes in behaviour, assist with prescribed physiotherapy,assist with appointments .

  • Companionship - We will provide conversation, interact with our client and watch for and report any changes in behaviour. We will assist with prescribed physiotherapy, medications, and appointments.

Did You Know?

Around the clock care is impossible for the family.



Because of the care that may be required, it is often difficult even for a loving family to provide all of the "around the clock" care that a loved one may require. If friends or family wish to provide these services it is very important for them to be aware, not only of the needs of the loved one, but also of their own personal needs. It is not uncommon for a spouse or children to feel that they have an impossible choice between being utterly overwhelmed (if they try to prepare all the care) or feeling they are betraying their relative (if they send them to a nursing home).